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Larry Bogan's personal site www.bogan.ca (nature1st.net/bogan)
Soaring Nova Scotia www.nature1st.net/soarns (nature1st.net/soarns)
United Church's Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge www.berwick-ucc.ca (nature1st.net/wcpc)
Minas Astronomy Group mag.nature1st.net (nature1st.net/mag)
Valley Regional Working Group of N.S. Nature Trust nsnt.nature1st.net (nature1st.net/nsnt)
Nature Nova Scotia - www.naturens.ca (nature1st.net/naturens)
Young Naturalist Club of Nova Scotia - yncns.ca (nature1st.net/ync)
Scotia Eagles (EAA Chapter 1051) eaa1051.org (nature1st.net/eaa)
Annapolis Valley Flying Association avfa.ca (avfa.nature1st.net)
Waterville, Kings County, Airport www.watervilleairport.com (nature1st.net/watervilleAP)

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