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Annual Report Time

Committees, Teams and Organizations !! The Annual Reports of the Congregations and Pastoral Charge are due in the Church Office by 16 February 2020.

2019 Advent Newsletter

The latest Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge newsletter was published Dec 1. You can see a copy on the document page . The direct link is 2019 Advent Newsletter . One article by Edith Menzies lists all projects to be supported by the funds raised at the Chicken Barbeque last summer. 

Support for Local Outreach

The Spiritual Enrichment and Outreach Team met recently and considered ways that we might make a difference for those in our community who may “live on the margins” and/or would benefit from a “hand up”. A pastoral charge chicken barbeque was held in September. All money raised at the barbeque was designated for local outreach, a total of $5000.00. Berwick Trinity Pastoral Charge Council approved the following disbursement of monies:

● $1000 to the Berwick & District Refugee Settlement Group to help in defraying the travel loans that the two newcomer families have to pay;

● $500 to the Berwick Food Bank; 

● $500 to School Plus Program - West Kings;

● $500 to Open Arms Resource Centre -- with $250 designated for the Berwick Outreach program and $250 designated for the In From the Cold - Shelter for homeless in Kentville;

● $250 to “The Evangeline Club in Berwick;

● $250 to Waterville Fire Department to support their work in the community;

● $200 to both the Berwick Legion and Berwick Lions Club to assist in their outreach work;

● $1000 to be used for ‘seniors lunches’, hosted at both churches beginning in January with written invitations going to residents in Seniors Housing and offering an opportunity to have a nutritious meal, meet your neighbour and socialize;

● $600 to be used at the discretion of the team as the need arises. 

WE offer our sincere thanks to the sponsor to the Chicken Barbeque for designating this charge fundraiser for local outreach. By supporting the work of others we too are helping to make a difference in the lives of many who use these services. 

Edith Menzies,
Spiritual Enrichment and Outreach Team

Advent Newsletter 2018

The Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge Newsletter is out (See Documents Page).  In it there is the list of events for the Advent and Christmas Season, a message from Tom, an update on the Charge for the year by Doug Hill and news of the refugee family by Edith Menzies. Below is an image of the families as they arrived in Canada. Refugee Family Arriving in Canada