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Flight Training and Aircraft Rental


5 November 2016

Debert Flight Centre will be at CYZX to provide pilot check outs and sight seeing flights. Pending demand we may have two aircraft and two instructors for two solid days! Flights will start at 10 am.   

To book a flight call at 902-662-2228. The cost per hour is $165 for renting the aircraft and $35 for the instructor. If a renter needs to do any remedial training, it must take place at Debert.  After the Nov 5th the Cessna 172 aircraft will be parked in Greenwood at Annapolis Valley Regional Air Park available for rent by pilots who have completed the check ride.


Flight instructors will bring as much of the material they can that is required to convert a military pilot license to civilian. Call 902-662-2228 to discuss with the instructors.  See FLIGHT TRAINING below.

GROUND SCHOOL for Private Pilot License

Ground school will be run from the aviation museum on Tuesday and Thursdays from 7-10.  The cost will be $300/ student. This is planned to start mid November so call 902-662-2228 to book your seat.


Debert Flight Centre can not at this time do private pilot training or conversions at Greenwood. Any one interested in getting a license can come for a sight seeing flight. This training can be booked in Debert for now.   Applications to provide flight training at CYZX are underway but no proposed start date is available so far.  As more info on Greenwood start date is available we will let you know.

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