2016 Annual Report - Freedom Aviation Society

Annual Report 31 December 2016


1505 Harrington Road
Kentville, NS  - B4N 3V7


Freedom Aviation Society (FAS) is a Non Profit Society incorporated in Nova Scotia.  Its purpose is to establish a location in Kings County, NS. for general aviation to operate and prosper following closure of Kings County Municipal Airport (CCW3) on 31 March 2016.  FAS is governed by a board of directors including.

  • Paul Easson, private pilot, business operator, Aylesford, NS
  • Ian Blenkharn, private pilot, business operator, Berwick, NS.
  • Gary Dunfield, private pilot , business operator, Kentville, NS
  • Eric Sawler, private pilot, local business operator, Kentville, NS
  • Steve Christiansen, commercial pilot, business operator, Halifax, NS
  • (Recently retired from our board) Uli Hans Huber, avionic shop, Halifax, NS
  1. Municipality of Kings committed approximately $1,800,000 of funding to achieve this objective requesting 14 Wing Greenwood (CYZX) be the first location considered.
  2. Waterville Airport Co operative has contributed $52,489
  3. 14 Wing Greenwood has been very co operative in our efforts
  4. Many hours have been volunteered by civilian and military persons interested in our success.  Including construction, maintenance, snow removal, co ordination with 14 Wing, aircraft marshaling, fly in event organization, pilot safety training and many other things.
  5. March 2016 approximately 20 aircraft based at CCW3 departed.  Some to 14 Wing Greenwood (12), Halifax International, Debert, Yarmouth and Hillaton seeking runways, hangers and services for their aircraft and aircraft related businesses.

At 14 Wing Greenwood we currently have the following;

  • fenced and gated compound was erected to enclose our ramp area.
  • 100LL fuel system was installed.
  • A temporary office trailer (waiting room, flight planning room and wash room) was secured.
  • Tie downs for 15 aircraft were installed.
  • Equipment shed was secured
  • Three snow blowers and a tractor mower were secured
  • Canada Customs Clearance available via Canpass 8:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday


  • Jul 2016 Air Cadets began familiarization flights for approximately 500 cadets.  Also glider operations.
  • Aug 2016 Aircraft access gate was automated so Tower could remotely open and close
  • Nov 2016 Debert Flight Centre started a private pilot ground school for 5 people, located an aircraft at CYZX and applied to Transport Canada for a permit to provide flight training.  This is anticipated to be active June or July of 2017
  • During 2016 their were 1,837 civilian aircraft movements (about 19% of total field movements) at CYZX including visitors from USA and other Canadian provinces, helicopters fighting 2 forest fires, Helicopters patrolling power lines after storms, business aircraft up to Citation Jet size, local aircraft charter flights.  Most all these would have been serviced by CCW3 before its closure. There are 124 aircraft registered to access 14 Wing.

14 Wing Greenwood air traffic control have benefited from the extra traffic as it assists with their training.  During the summer flying season, civilian flights represented about 20 percent of the activity and this is without a flight school operating.   With an operating flight school  I anticipate civilian movements to double or triple in the first year.

Financially operations compared well with projections in the MMM Group business case study given that we do not have hangers or a flight school operating as planned
                                             Actual           MMM Projection
Resident Aircraft                        12                           15
Aircraft movements                 1837                       2467
Operations revenue                 $20,543                 $21,656
Hanger lease                                nil                   $38,400
Operating expenses                 $16,597                 $75,906

Two up coming events you should attend are;

  1. Atlantic Canada International Air Show is scheduled for August 2017 at 14 Wing Greenwood.  This will attract military and civilian aircraft and exhibitors from all over Canada and the US.  Thousands of people will attend the show and we encourage you to.  <http://www.airshowatlantic.ca>
  2. Vimy Flight Aircraft will be at CYZX and Military Aviation Museum in May 2017 <http://www.vimyflight.ca>

We are looking forward to 2017 and further developing operations at CYZX.  The barriers we hope to overcome are;

  1. 14 Wing, Municipality of Kings and Freedom Aviation Society must finalize a lease before any more construction can proceed.
  2. Construct two hangers and office space
  3. Establish flight training business by Debert Flight Centre
  4. Establish aircraft maintenance business by local aircraft mechanic
  5. Secure additional funding sources to complete the above

In closing I want to thank 14 Wing Greenwood, Municipality of Kings, Province of Nova Scotia and Federal Government of Canada for their cooperation in planting this important seed at CYZX.  We in the aviation community are privileged to have access to the first class airport at CYZX.

Paul Easson
Chairman of Board
Freedom Aviation Society