Fuel Dispensing Procedure

Fuel Dispensing Procedure

All users of the FAS fuel dispensing system at 14 Wing Greenwood shall be trained on this policy prior to operation of it. We realize pilots are trained in safe aircraft fuelling procedures as part of their pilot training and this is additional Freedom Aviation site specific.

Subsequent to training in this procedure a vehicle number and PIN number shall be issued to each user which must be entered to activate the fuel system for each transaction.

There is a 500 Litre maximum transaction limit for environment safety reasons. There is a manual record book inside the pump compartment where you shall record each purchase as a backup to the electronic record.

All aircraft tanks receiving fuel must be positioned on the cement fuelling pad in front of the pump (east of the pump) before dispensing fuel to them to ensure any spills are with inside our containment system

Static line shall be attached to the aircraft prior to and during fuelling and remain connected until the pump is shut off and aircraft fuel tank covers are secured.

There is a primary emergency electrical shut off switch on the light standard post beside the fuel reel which when pushed will disconnect electricity to the entire fuel system.

There is a secondary emergency shutoff switch on the wall of the office trailer left of the trailer door (East of the door) that will disconnect electricity to the entire fuel system. This switch can be seen from the fuelling station.

There is a 40ABC rated fire extinguisher on a post between the fuelling station and the office trailer and a secondary 40ABC fire extinguisher below the secondary emergency electricity shutoff on the office trailer exterior wall.

There is a Spill Containments system contained in a blue barrel secured to a jersey barrier beside the fuel pump to contain minor spills.

There is a shutoff valve in the drainage system (normally in the open position (counter clockwise)) marked by a post between the fuelling station and the office trailer. Attached to the post is a tool to close the valve. If you need to close the valve due to a fuel spill remove the access cover and use the tool to close the valve (turn it clock wise as far as it will go). 11-CL-2/3

In case of emergency call 911 and report the incident location as 14 Wing Greenwood, Annapolis Valley Regional Air Park between Hanger 2 and the Cadet barracks. There is a cell phone on the inside the trailer on the wall facing you as you enter the east door. Press button on bottom of phone, Swipe phone face and select phone icon to make call