Service Available at Greenwood

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(pdf document of current servides with current fees)

  • Aviation Fuel and Oil
    100 Aviation
    Aeroshell 15W50
Product Price
100 LL $1.80/litre
Jet A $1.80/litre
Aeroshell 15W50 14.72/litre
Aeroshell 15W50 $150.00/case of 12

(prices quoted without N.S. HST)

Office Trailer

  • Lounge and Restrooms
  • Internet Access and Desk computer with Printer
  • Cell Phone

Tie Downs

At present only tie-downs are available. Work is progress to build hangers (See Projects on the menu above). If you wish to locate at the Greenwood Air Park, please fill out the following form:  Tie Down Lease Agreement (printable pdf)

(All fees subject to N.S. HST - not included)

Service Price Price
  Under 2000 kg gross over 2000 kg gross
Landing None $7.41/1000 kg
Parking $10.00/night $20.00/night
Parking $100/month $200/month


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