Notice! The Minas Astronomy Group has been inactive since 2020 and these pages remain here as a historical record.

We were an informal group of amateur astronomy enthusiasts. There was no formal executive or governing body or membership fee. The Group was begun in 1994 by Roy Bishop  and Larry Bogan, then Roy continued to provide program ideas and leadship while Larry maintained these pages.

We met regularly on the Second Saturday  every month except July and August. Our meetings usually consisted of a presentation of what is of interest in the night sky and discussion of the current understanding of the make up of our universe. See the meeting notes and meetings record for ideas of what was presented and discussed.

We initially met in the Physics Department of Acadia University but in the latter year  met in Avonport, Nova Scotia.

Contact is still available at

We had an e-mailing list to alert interested members of meetings and observation opportunities but that is now inactive.

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