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Several MAG members have constructed their own astronomical observatory buildings.

Name Owner Type Telescope(s)
Roy Bishop Rotating Dome 17.5″ Newtonian
Brooklyn Street
Larry Bogan Roll-off Roof 13″ Newtonian
8″ Schmidt-Newtonian
Funky Sun
Robert Clark Clam-shell Dome 18″ Newtonian
Abbey Ridge Observatory David Lane Rotating Dome 14″ Schmidt-Cassegrain
St.Croix Observatory Halifax Centre of the RASC
(many members of MAG are members)
Roll off roof 16″ Newtonian + others
Wharf Road Observatory Hamilton, Bruce and Melody Roll off roof 11″ Schmidt-Cassegrain (Celestron CPC1100) on 16″ diameter concrete pier.
 Halls  Harbour Observatory Walker, Kathy Dome Orion 8″ Newtonian Astrograph
on iOptron CEM60 Mount and pier.

Images of the Annapolis Valley Observatories

Avonport, NS
Maktomkus Observatory
444 mm Newtonian with a Coulter Mirror

Maktomkus Observatory

Maktomkus Observatory

Berwick, N.S.
Funky Sun Observatory

455 mm Newtonian by Obssesion
Funky Sun Observatory - Berwick N.S.
Cambridge Station, N.S.
Brooklyn St Observatory
333 mm Newtonian with a Coulter Mirror
& 200 mm Schmidt- Newtonian with LXD-75 equatorial Mount
Brooklyn Street Observatory
Litchfield N.S.
44.78 N
65.60 W Wharf Road Observatory
280 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain (Celestron CP1100)
on a 16″ concrete pier in an 8′ x 10′ roll-off observatory Plus 10’x12′ observing deck.

Wharf Road Observatory - Hamilton's Litchfield

Wharf Road Observatory – Hamilton’s of Litchfield

Halls Harbour, N.S.

– 200mm Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain and

-Orion 200mm Newtonian Astrograph

Walker Observatory at Halls Harbour

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