Most Distant Galaxy

The Most Distant Galaxy
MAG Presentation
8 Jan 2010

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  • Discovery in Hubble Infra-red Ultra Deep Sky field 09
  • Location of the Field

“New Cosmic Distance Record”
Sky and Telescope Feb 2011 p16
“Spectroscopic confirmation of a galaxy at redshift z = 8.6”.
Nature 467 (7318): 940–942.
PDF version of this Paper

Hubble Ultra Deep Sky Field 09

Location of the UDF in the Sky

Candidate Galaxies
– Dim and red (in Near Infrared)
and in a relatively clear field

Location of Galaxy Image to be Studied

    The Study

  • European Southern Observatory at Cerro Paranal
  • Spectroscopic study to measure the Redshift
  • Very Large Telescope (8.2 m dia mirror)
    with SINFONI spectrometer
  • 15 hour exposure
  • M. D. Lehnert (Paris Observatory)
  • N. P. H. Nesvadba
  • J.G. Cuby
  • A.M. Swinbank
  • S. Morris,
  • B. Cle´ment,
  • C.J. Evans,
  • M. N. Bremer
  • S. Basa

View of the Cerro Paranal VLT



    Found Hydrogen Lyman ? line

  • ?o = 0.122 ? (ultraviolet)
    Metal poor Galaxies in early universe
  • Measured: ?meas = 1.16 ? (near infrared)
  • Cosmic redshift
    z = (?meas – ?emit)/?emit = 8.55
  • light travel time = 13.1 GLy
  • time since Big Bang = 13.7 GLy
  • distance (now) = 30.4 GLY
  • Luminosity distance = 283 GLy

Ref:Cosmic Caluclator:

Near Infrared Spectra of the Galaxy from VLT

ESO Video explaining the relationship of the galaxy with the re-ionization of the universe.
Simulated image of the early universe in the re-ionization period when it was 600 Million years old.

E.S.O.’s Most Distance Galaxy Ever Measured Video

(4 minutes)

Simulated Early Universe

Illustration of the Evolution of the Universe and Re-ionization

Evolution of the Universe


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