2013 Sep 15 Board Minutes

Present: Bob Bancroft (BB) (President), Larry Bogan (LB–Past-President), , Jean Gibson (JG-Treasurer),
(Patrick Kelly (PK–Secretary), Doug Linzey (DL–Blomidon Field Naturalists), Burkhard
Plache (BP–Halifax Field Naturalists), Jim Wolford (JW–Members-at-large).
Regrets: Joan Czapalay (JC–Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society(alternate)), Maureen Cameron-MacMillan
(MC-M) Cape Breton Naturalists), Robin Musselman (RM–Vice-President) ,
The meeting convened at 10h05 at the home of Doug Linzey, 2340 Gospel Woods Road, Arlington.
1) Approval of the Agenda
MOTION: Moved by LB/PK that the agenda be approved with the 2014 AGM to be discussed as
an item of New Business when Jim O’Brien arrives. ............................................... Motion CARRIED.
2) Approval of the Minutes of the April 21, 2013 Meeting
MOTION: Moved by JG/JW that the minutes of the April 21, 2013 meeting be approved with the
following corrections: Item 3a (“heavy one forests” should be “heavy on forests”, “O,Brien”
should be “O’Brien”; Item 3b (“Harrison Lewis Discover Centre” should be “Harrisen Lewis
Coastal Discovery Centre”; Item 4f (“written of forestry” should be “written on forestry”, “too
hard one the landscape” should be “too hard on the landscape”; Item 6d (“There information”
should be “There was no information”...................................................................... Motion CARRIED.
3) Business Arising from the Minutes of the April 21, 2013 Meeting
a) Registration of “Nature Nova Scotia” with Registry of Joint Stock Companies (Jean))
This was deferred to the next meeting.
4) Reports
a) Financial (JG)
JG circulated copies of her financial report which contained the figures for the 2013
AGM. She was not quite sure why there was such a large surplus from this year’s
compared with past AGMs.
MOTION: Moved by JG/DL that the financial report be approved. ................... Motion CARRIED.
b) Nature Canada (JC)
BB had circulated some material earlier by e-mail that he had received from Nature
Canada. Support has been requested from Mountain Equipment Coop to help restart the
network component of the group.
c) NNS Web Site (LB)
There has been an increased interest in big trees, with one person in Hants County
submitting a number of records. There will be a BNS field trip this fall on big trees and
how to measure them. It was suggested that DL’s report on the 2012 AGM, which had
appeared in the BNS newsletter, would make a good addition to the web site.
d) On-line Business (PK)
There were two motions that were approved on-line.
MOTION: Moved by PK/DL that BB write a letter to the Premier of Ontario premier to express
the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists concerns about plans to allow exemptions to that
province’s Endangered Species Act. ........................................................................... Motion CARRIED.
MOTION: Moved by JG/LB that the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists donate $50 to the
BNS Green Dragons Program for our use of their PA system at the AGM. .........Motion CARRIED..
e) Correspondence (PK)
PK reported there was not mail but had forgotten in his office on Friday. Anything
pressing would be dealt with Monday, the rest will be brought to the next meeting.
BB has been keeping up with the public prairie lands that are being divested by the
federal government. JW noted that there was a recent article in the Globe & Mail that a
Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists—Minutes of the September 15, 2013 Meeting—Page 1
number of ranchers near Calgary were voluntarily putting grazing lands under a
conservation easement.
There was a brief discussion on the recent trend of governments to label anyone who
raises conservation issues as an “eco-terrorist”.
f) Forest Issues (BB)
DL raised the issue of our participation in the model forest of the Nova Forest
Alliance. Peter Duinker is back in charge. Other groups such as the Ecology Action
Centre and N. S. Environmental Network used to participate, but it is not obvious nom
how active other nature groups are. DL did have a list of members. The crown lands are
now cut and there is now cutting of the stands of yellow birch. BB plans to write a article
soon on the current lack of seed trees. A recent Globe & Mail had an article on the pulp
mil at Abercrombie regarding the air and water pollution, but nothing on the cutting of
the trees needed to keep it running.
g) Coastal Policy
Jen Grant still provides e-mail updates to LB and JW.
h) Important Bird Areas
BB gets regular updates from Sue Abbott via their regular newsletter.
5) Club Reports (New Material or Updates)
a) Blomidon Naturalists Society (DL)
The BNS Bursary is proceeding and Acadia is reviewing candidates for this year.
Next year will be the society’s 40th anniversary.
The Green Dragon program is still working but grants were down substantially from
previous years, and bus transport had not been planned due to the cost but was used.
The shorebird stewardship committee held a day-long event that was well attended.
A separate event dedicated to chimney swifts was also held and included presentations
followed by watching the swifts enter the chimney at the Robie Tufts Nature Centre.
JG noted that there has been no real communication between the BNS and the YNC
groups in the area but the society was going to have a joint meeting with the Valley
Gardeners on the topic of invasive species.
b) Cape Breton Naturalists Society (MC-M)
MC-M had circulated a report by e-mail:
c) Halifax Field Naturalists (BP)
There were no board meetings over the summer. The program is well supplied with
volunteers. Membership is stable. The newsletter editor will continue for the time being.
d) Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society (HD)
No one from the group was at the meeting but JG reported that they are still quite active.
e) Nova Scotia Bird Society (HVD)
PK reported that merchandise the new society logo was available. The web site will
be launched shortly. All of the past issues of Nova Scotia Birds have been digitized into
searchable PDF files and will be available on a memory stick. The newsletter is back on
schedule with the full-colour version available via the web site.
f) Young Naturalists Clubs
RM had circulated a report by e-mail. The grant for this year has been a challenge.
They hope to get the young naturalists more involved in the Canada Nature Network.
6) New Business
a) 2104 AGM
Jim O’Brien has offered to help organize the 2014 AGM at the Gaelic College. He has
tentatively booked the facility for Friday, May 30 to Sunday, June 1. JG was not sure if she
could make it on that weekend due to another commitment, but it was generally agreed
that we could move it to another weekend in late May or early June if need be. Both BB
and Jim O’Brien know First Nations people at Eskasoni that may be willing to
participate. Some potential speakers were discussed. BB noted that he has also been in
Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists—Minutes of the September 15, 2013 Meeting—Page 2
contact with MC-M and she and the Cape Breton Naturalists are willing to help. Jim
O’Brien noted that his new e-mail address is jvob3@ns.sympatico.ca.
b) Friends of Pugwash Estuary (BB)
They had been considering becoming a member of NatureNS but BB has not heard
back from their contact person.
c) YNC Funding (BB)
They are not sure about future funding. DL noted that it takes a professional
presentation to the minister. JG noted that it would be worth contacting the Medical
Society of Nova Scotia which has been emphasizing healthy lifestyles for children.
d) NatureNS Promotion (BB)
BB raised the issue of whether we should be doing more to promote NatureNS both
to our members and the public. BB would be happy to make a presentation at a meeting
of any of the member groups. PK would prepare a brief summary of board meetings that
the groups could include in their newsletter, as well as post to the NatureNS listserv.
e) Bird Diverters at the Strait of Canso (BB)
There has been an ongoing study which seems to be taking far too long for the task at
hand. Once this is done, hopefully they will have the science to back up the installation.
7) News and Announcements
a) Scything Competition
A competition was held in the valley, and the winner was from Romania where that
type of farm work is still largely done by hand.
8) Time and Location of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 10:00 AM, possibly at the home of
Burkhard Plache.
The meeting adjourned at 13h54 PM on a motion by DL.
Patrick Kelly
Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists—Minutes of the September 15, 2013 Meeting—Page 3