2010 Sep 26 Board Minutes

Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists (Nature Nova Scotia)
Board of Directors
Minutes 26 September 2010
Wolfville, NS

In attendance: Sue Abbott (vp), Bob Bancroft (president), Jean Gibson Collins (treas), Patrick Kelly (BNS), Doug Linzey (secretary), Peter Webster (HFN), Jim Wolford (memb-at-large)

Regrets: Larry Bogan, Suzanne Borkowski, Joan Czapalay, Heather Drope

1. Call to order
Bob called the meeting to order at 10:10 am. The minutes of the last board meeting were circulated.

Moved by Peter, seconded by Jim, that minutes of the 28 March 2010 board meeting be accepted as corrected. CARRIED.

2. Business arising from the minutes

Item 2: Action: Doug to upload policies and any enhanced information to the site.


3. Financial

Moved by Jean, seconded by Doug, that the financial report be accepted as presented (see attached). CARRIED.

4. Canadian Nature Network (CNN)
Sue reported that the web portal is cumbersome. She suggests that board members should have a look at it, try to log on, and consider whether it is workable. Peter questioned whether it’s time to drop it.

Joan sent an affiliates report (attached): Monthly conference calls continue. A face-to-face meeting April 16-18 in Ottawa focused on protected areas and youth involvement.

5. Forestry
NS Forestry strategy: The Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia commissioned Robert Wagner (Head of Forestry, University of Maine) to critique the Phase 2 Bancroft/Crossland report to the Steering Committee. Wagner’s document is inflammatory and slanderous.

6. Coastal policy
Larry submitted a written report (attached). In brief, NSCC is not satisfied with the PON (Provincial Oceans Network) recommendations to government (lacking reference to governance) and will continue to pursue the issue. PON determined through public input that ecosystem integrity is the most important aspect. Peter noted that the issue of inundation will be a big item for the government because of the cost implications.

7. Tidal power policy
Nothing new to report.

8. Wind power policy
Sue is continuing to work on this.

Action: Doug to send Sue updated ATV policy.

9. Important Bird Areas
Sue reported that she is coordinating the Nova Scotia IBA project:
• engaging community members in conservation and monitoring
• site assessments (the aim is to assess all 31 sites over the next few years.)
• workshops to build capacity for shorebird caretakers (S. Shore this year, Cape Breton next year)

Sue reported that four banded piping plovers were spotted in Eastern Canada (1 at Mabou with 2 young, 2 in NB, and 1 in NL).

10. AGM 2010
The committee will do a written report.

11. Club reports
AFNS: No report.

BNS (Pat): The Green Dragon kids’ summer program had more that 150 children. The club is purchasing a portable PA system to avoid problems in meeting facilities. A successful family camping program sponsored by the Trail Shop included two field trips led by BNS members.

CBNS: No report.

HFN (Peter): See attached report for activities. The HFN board is looking for reasons to continue association with NNS.

NSBS (Pat):The Stutchbury visit was successful. The NSBS website is being redone. Ian McLaren is writing a book about “All the Birds of Nova Scotia,” with emphasis on identification. Membership is declining.

NSWFS: No report.

SSN: No report.

YNC: No report.

12. AGM 2011
Dates should be confirmed. [Note: weekend of June 3–5, 2011, is confirmed.]

Action: Bob to be liaison with the Baddeck group.

Old Business

13. DNR natural resources strategy
Phase 3 is coming. Matt Miller is the spokesperson for EAC.

14. NNS outreach
Some suggestions:
• Contribute to club newsletters

• Have executive rep attend board meetings to answer questions (or invite club executive members to attend NNS meetings)
• Get attention of teachers (through workshops?) to reinforce importance of natural history

News & Announcements

15. Sable Island
Plans for making a park are moving along. There has been lots of public input – meetings were well attended.

16. YNC
Laura Lambie is the new coordinator of the Young Naturalists Club.

Action: Doug to invite Laura to the January meeting.

17. Dark sky preserve
Pat reported that Kejimkujik has been appointed Nova Scotia’s first Dark-sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The park will institute an astronomy program.

New Business

18. Biomass
Our potential association with Eskasoni is up in the air. Are there other potential coalition partners?

Next meeting
10 am, Sunday, 16 January 2011, in Halifax (venue to be confirmed by Sue).

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.