2009 Jun 14 Board Minutes

Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists (Nature Nova Scotia)
Board of Directors
Minutes 14 June 2009
Grand Pre, NS
In attendance: Sue Abbott (vp), Bob Bancroft (president) Larry Bogan (past president), Suzanne Borkowski (NSBS), Joan Czapalay, Heather Drope (NSWFS), Jean Gibson Collins (treasurer), Doug Linzey (secretary), Peter Webster (HFN), Jim Wolford (director-at-large)
Regrets: James Hirtle (SSN), Patrick Kelly (BNS), Jon Percy (AFNS)
Guest: Karen McKendry (Young Naturalists Club)
1. Call to order
Bob called the meeting to order at approximately noon. The minutes of the last board meeting were circulated. One correction: Item 15, NSBS report, delete “three-year.”
Moved by Heather, seconded by Larry, that minutes of the 25 April 2009 board meeting be accepted as corrected. CARRIED.
2. Business arising from the minutes
Jean reported that $9,000 of income from the Nature Canada 2007 conference has been invested in interest-bearing vehicles ($2,000 available for immediate withdrawal).
Doug has not yet initiated discussion on possible staff person (see item 17). This is still a priority.
Larry wrote to Cape Sable Important Bird Area along with a one-time donation of $250 (see item 19).
Larry signed up NNS on the buybacknovascotia website (see item 20).
3. Introduction of new board members
This being the first board meeting since the 2009 AGM, we have one new elected board member, president Bob Bancroft. Joan Czapalay, former past president, will continue on the board as alternate representative of the Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society. Larry Bogan is now past president. Suzanne Borkowski is now the NSBS representative (David Hughes, alternate).
4. Online business
Doug reported that since the last board meeting, two motions had been passed. They are duly recorded here:
Moved by Doug, seconded by Jean, that a maximum of $600 be available to cover the 2009 AGM costs. CARRIED (9 votes in favour, none opposed).
Moved by Jean, seconded by Joan, that NNS purchase and award a gift to Jill Comolli in recognition of her long-time contributions to NNS. CARRIED (9 votes in favour, none opposed).
5. Correspondence
Nothing that requires action.
6. Young Naturalists Club
Karen suggested that NNS should have a formal representative to the YNC board.
Action: Sue Abbott volunteered to be NNS rep to YNC.
Other business
This being a short meeting with no specific agenda, we concentrated on priorities for the next board meeting.
6. Grant funding
This is the question of what to do with the funds raised at the 2007 Nature Canada conference.
Action: Peter to begin online discussion with draft to tackle questions: What are options? How to decide? Limits?
7. Priorities for future discussion
• AGM 2010: possibly join with St. Mary’s River Association in Sherbrooke area.
• Outreach to naturalist community and members
• Newsletter
• Review the history of NNS/FNSN
• Revisit the purpose of NNS (Who are we? What are we for?)
• Recruitment issues
Next meeting
10 am, Saturday or Sunday, 12 or 13 September 2009, somewhere in Truro (date to be determined online, venue to be located).
The meeting adjourned at approximately 1 pm.
AFNS: Annapolis Field Naturalists’ Society
BNS: Blomidon Naturalists Society
CCNS: Coastal Coalition of Nova Scotia
CNN: Canadian Nature Network
COSEWIC: Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
CPAWS-NS: Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society – Nova Scotia chapter
CWS: Canadian Wildlife Service
DFO: Department of Fisheries and Oceans (federal)
DNR: Department of Natural Resources
EAC: Ecology Action Centre
FTAC: Forest Technical Advisory Council
HFN: Halifax Field Naturalists
HRDC : Human Resources Development Canada
IBA: Important Bird Area
MTRI: Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute
NC: Nature Canada
NFA: Nova Forest Alliance
NNS: Nature Nova Scotia
NSBS: Nova Scotia Bird Society
NSDE: NS Department of Environment
NSDFA: NS Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture
NSEN: Nova Scotia Environmental Network
NSNT: Nova Scotia Nature Trust
NSWFS: NS Wild Flora Society
OHV/ATV: Off-highway vehicles / All-terrain vehicles
RNS: Recreation Nova Scotia
SSN: South Shore Naturalists
YNC: Young Naturalists Club