Glider Flight of Tom Foote - June 20, 1999

Nova Scotia does not have the best soaring conditions in Canada, but that does not limit some soaring pilots from making long, cross country flights. On June 20 Tom Foote flew his Open Cirrus for over six hours on the course shown below. Winds were light and CU's were widespread with base to 6000 feet. The track is not quite complete towards the end since his GPS (Garmin II+) track memory filled before he finished the flight. The maximum extent of his flight is marked on the track by their latitude or longitude.

I do not have the software to plot his flight on a map but there are way points* marked that you can find on a map of Nova Scotia. As you can see he flew to the South Shore west of Halifax past Bridgewater then north over the Southern Uplands (mostly wooded with lakes). Just south of the Annapolis Valley he turned east to fly back to Stanley Airport, the launch point. Before returning, he crossed the province towards Halifax, came back and then continued east.

Note: Waypoints are abrieviated to 6 characters as required by the Gardown files.
GRWOOD = CFB Greenwood
NWROSS = New Ross

Text and Plot by L.Bogan