Dan Dawson's

Winter Flying
At the Bluenose Soaring Club

It was an odd thought, really. Just one of those unexpected bursts of brain activity. It happens to me all the time whenever I doze off, especially at a meeting.

That's what is so odd about this odd thought. I was at a meeting, right enough, but I wasn't dozing. It was our end-of-season get- together at the Bluenose Soaring Club, and I was listening to a discussion of possible off-season flying activities.

I remember thinking, here we are, making plans to scatter our aircraft and equipment all over the province, while every other soaring club in the country is gathering their stuff together for winter storage.

By meeting's end, we had decided to send a club K7, 3 private a/c, and a winch to the Waterville airport in the Annapolis Valley. There, we could gain experience flying at a busier airport. And, our equipment would be handy for a quick dash to the North Mountain ridge, if there came a good blow from the south east.

We also decided not to dismantle our other K7, but to park it in Stanley Sport Aviation's big hangar. There, it would be available to us for some winter soaring.

Yes, folks, I said soaring. In the winter. It's true; we did it last year, starting in 1993.

Here's how things went:

  1. Our Post Season Begins
  2. On The Ridge
  3. Our Winter Solstice
  4. Deep Winter
  5. Dodging the Cow Pucks
  6. The Rules of the Game
  7. Epilogue