Freshwater Insects


Saturday, May 17, 2014
10:00 am - 11:30 am


the AVYNC is pleased to have Murray Colbo visit us & share his expertise on freshwater insects.

More than 500 species of animals have been found in vernal pools. Many of these animals are adapted to living their lives in aquatic conditions in the spring, and move to another area later in the season.

Vernal pools are important habitat for insects such as caddis flies, mayflies and mosquitoes. Once they hatch from their aquatic stages, they are an important food source for songbirds that live in the adjacent forest. Several species of crustaceans make vernal pools their homes, including fairy shrimp and water fleas. Snails, worms and water mites all contribute to the food web and to the diets of spotted salamanders, wood frogs and spring peepers.  Read More…


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We will meet outside & off to the side, at the entrance to the gardens, of the KC Irving Centre.

See you on Saturday!


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KC Irving Environmental Science Centre

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