April field trip (tentative) – Salamanders at Heart-shaped Pond (Hemlock Ravine)


Tuesday, May 5, 2015
8:15 pm - 9:15 pm



UPDATE: May 3: We are going to go for it! A few salamanders have begun to emerge at the Heart-shaped Pond, and after a couple more nights of warm weather, hopefully we’ll see a ton of them. Liz Spence, naturalist extraordinaire with the Museum of Natural History will be our nature interpreter for the evening. Here are the details:

Meeting place: The parking lot of Hemlock Ravine Park, near the Heart-shaped Pond. To get there, take the Bedford Highway to Kent Ave. (you can enter 40 Kent Ave. into Google Maps to get the exact location). If you are coming up the highway from the Halifax side, there will be a sign for Hemlock Ravine Park just before Kent Ave. appears on your left.

Meeting time: 8:15pm. First we’ll connect with Liz and learn a bit about the salamanders (including safe handling), then start looking around. We’ll be there for about 1 hour.

What to bring: rubber boots FOR SURE (it’s still quite wet there), warm jacket and maybe hats/mitts (poking around for salamanders, at night, in 7 degree weather could feel pretty chilly), at headlamp or flashlight, a camera perhaps (with a flash), and a towel to wipe your hands off after the event. Please don’t use harsh soaps or hand sanitizers on your hands before coming to the event.

What to do next: register with me! Send a quick email to ynchalifax@yahoo.ca with how many people are coming from your family. Then start to get excited about your upcoming encounter with the amazing Yellow-spotted Salamanders

Karen :)

UPDATE: April 30 = Our Heart-shaped Pond checker has told me that she has only seen ONE salamander as of last night. Man – they sure are late this year! But by Tuesday night, we will have had a few days of warmer weather and nights. We’ll try again for Tuesday, May 5th. Hopefully, see you then!

Karen :)

UPDATE: April 26 = Still no sign of the salamanders at Hemlock Ravine (or in the Annapolis Valley, I found out today). But they WILL come out at some point. We’ll aim for this Friday or Saturday night. That would be 2 weeks later than when they usually come out, but that may make sense given the winter we had (and several cool nights in a row now).

Stay tuned!

Karen :)

UPDATE: April 23 = The word on the street (in the forest?) is that the salamanders have not yet emerged at the Heart-shaped Pond, and aren’t likely to by Saturday night. And so, we are postponing the field trip… a bit. We’ll now aim for Monday or Tuesday night of next week. The time we meet will likely be around 7:30pm or 8:00pm. I’ll update you again once we start getting some salamander sightings!

UPDATE: April 21 = Keep standing by to find out which night will be our best bet to see Yellow-spotted Salamanders emerging at the heart shaped pond at Hemlock Ravine. A Museum naturalist is checking the pond regularly and will give me an update on Thursday. Saturday night MIGHT be it… or we might have to postpone a couple of days after that to match up with the salamanders’ timing this year. Stay tuned!


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