March field trip – Star gazing!


Friday, March 11, 2016
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm



We’ll try our best to get out under a clear sky with  astronomer Paul Heath! Meet at the York Redoubt National Historic Site (300 Ferguson Cove Rd, just off of Purcells Cove Road). Dress super super warm, no matter what the weather. Warm footwear is a must. Also bring a light – a flashlight or a headlamp. Please put red cellophane or 2 layers of red tissue paper over the light – this will allow you to see your way, but won’t ruin your night vision (your eyes’ adjustment to low lighting conditions). You could also bring binoculars… they can help you see some of the celestial bodies better than the naked eye.

We will aim to meet in Friday, Mar. 11. The rain/cloud date is the next night – Saturday, Mar. 12. Registered participants will be informed of the changes, and any rescheduling will be posted here on the website and the Facebook page. Send a quick email to ynchalifax at gmail dot com to register.


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York Redoubt

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