May field trip – Meander River floodplain forest


Monday, May 23, 2016
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Spring is here.

And what better place to see spring’s glory than in a floodplain forest. These special, rare ecosystems host fascinating flowers, which are in bloom at this time of year. Warblers and other migrating birds stop by for a bite to eat and to sing their song. Luscious lichens hang from the trees and rocks.

Your are invited to a tour of the floodplain forest of the Meander River Conservation Lands on Monday, May 23, at 10am. The property is near Smileys Provincial Park, but exact directions will only be given to registered particiants (email me at ynchalifax at gmail dot com to register). Our our tour we will be joined by a bird expert and lichen expert, and I’ll point out cool plants.

Sounds like a walk in the park? It won’t be a total vacation… you will have work to do too. On the walk, you’ll learn to identify a few common birds, lichens, and plants. On the way back along the trail, YOU will have to identify species and tell the experts the identification tips you remember. Think of it as a “species scavenger hunt.” As always, sent me a quick email to register.

PS – Bonus points to those of you who can identify in the flower in the image above.

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