October field trip – Blue Beach Fossil Museum


Sunday, October 26, 2014
10:00 am - 1:00 pm



The Blue Beach Fossil Museum is a fantastic place to learn about, and search for, fossils. On our tour we’ll be guided through the museum, and then outside to the fossil beach.

The field trip starts at the fossil museum at 10am, and so participants are encouraged to leave Halifax at 8:45am to arrive on time. Thanks to support from McInnes Cooper, we’ll have a FREE school bus to departing from the Museum of Natural History at 8:45am (there are still a few seats left). We’ll then stay at the fossil museum until 1pm, and return to Halifax (arrive at the Museum at 2pm).

Please dress to be both inside and outside, and please bring a lunch and water.

As always, send an email to ynchalifax at yahoo.ca to register. Registration is vital for this field trip, since the fossil museum needs to know how many people will be in our group.


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Blue Beach Fossil Museum

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