Sledding Party and Reading the signs: Meteorology and weather patterns


Saturday, February 25, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Weather and climate_YNC

Join us for family sledding (if there is still snow) and some exploration of the weather in the winter and early spring. Bring your SLED!  Meet at Memorial Park in Kentville starting at 10am and going to noon.

We’ve all obsessed about it at one time or another.  Its a daily topic of conversation in Canada, especially this time of year.  And it has the ability to change with little warning. What is it?

The weather of course.

Now you can learn more about weather patterns and meteorology with the Berwick YNC in February. Learn about signs to look for in the sky and in your natural surroundings to give you a leg up on knowing what to expect from old man winter and beyond.

Scientist and former YNC Berwick lead Marina Myer (and possible guest) will be leading the outing in February.  Location to be confirmed, please check back here in a few weeks for details.   And as always, dress for the weather!!


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Memorial Park Kentville

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