September meeting – Rocky Shore Intertidal Zone!


Saturday, September 19, 2015
10:30 am - 12:00 pm



Life in the Rocky Shore Intertidal Zone

The intertidal zone is the part of the shore that is alternately exposed to air when the tide is low and submerged when the tide is high. It hosts a fascinating variety of seaweeds and animals, especially on rocky shores in Nova Scotia. In the museum session we will learn how the tides and other factors such as wave action, ice,  sun and predation create the conditions for  different organisms to live at particular sites or levels within the intertidal zone. On the field trip, we will spend a couple of hours around the time of low tide (2:23 pm) experiencing it all first hand, collecting, examining and then returning any creatures to their proper home.

Presented by: Pat Harding and David Patriquin are retired faculty members of the Biology Dept at Dalhousie University. They taught classes in Marine and Terrestrial Diversity and Introductory Biology, amongst others. A favourite field trip was always to a rocky shore in September.


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