Stargazing at York Redoubt


Friday, January 24, 2014
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Stargazing is a go! The forecast is for fairly clear skies tomorrow night, and there will be lots of bright objects to observe in the sky. Bonus: a supernova has recently become more visible, and Paul (our astronomy guide) hopes to point it out. Paul will have lots to show us, and will also share some folklore about the constellations.

Paul will bring at least one telescope, but not everyone can look through it at the same time. So, please bring binoculars (multiple pairs if you have them), as you can see a lot with them.

Also very important: dress VERY warmly. Like super warm. Especially on your feet… they can get very, very cold standing around in the snow. Having a warm drink with you will make a big difference too (don’t forget the mugs)!

We will meet in the parking lot of York Redoubt Historic Site, at 300 Ferguson’s Cove Road. To get there, take the Purcells Cove Road from the Armdal Rotary for almost 10km. Ferguson’s Cove Road will be on your left, and a Parks Canada road sign will appear just before you need to turn.

As always, register with me (send an email to before attending. See you soon!


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