Trees in the Acadian Forest with Dr. Nick Hill


Saturday, February 21, 2015
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Transition Forest

Transition Forest

Join the Berwick YNC and Dr. Nick Hill, Ecologist and Botanist, to explore the Acadian Forest.

Our woods are known as the “Acadian Forest”, a meeting ground of trees from Appalachia, the Boreal Forest and the Great Lakes as well as our own Red Spruce. The forest is home to woodland animals, fungi, microbes and plants and if we manage it well, we keep it so and keep the soils fertile to grow strong trees.

Young Naturalists will visit a middle-aged forest in South Berwick. Together, in groups, we will study the trees over a hillside and see how it changes with soil moisture. We will gather data on what the trees are, how big they are and which ones are dead or alive. Naturalists will be ecologists and after the groups have the data from their transects down the hillside, we will work it up in the woods and make graphs that tell the forest’s story.


  1. Learning to identify trees in winter,
  2. Learning how to make a transect and collect, record and work with ecological data,
  3. Understanding that forest stories can be learned and that they make sense

All ages can attend though the woods are pathless and there is deep snow and some deadfall. Snowshoes can be provided so let us know if you need any and what sizes – Wear proper winter attire and bring a snack and liquids. There is a sled for little ones or bring your own.


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