Winter Tracks – CANCELLED


Saturday, February 27, 2016
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Cancelled due to lack of snow

Dr. Soren Bondrup-Nielsen will lead us on a hike on snowshoes; we will talk about the properties of snow and look for signs of animals and their activities.  Snow transforms the landscape into stories that unfold as we follow tracks of foxes, mice, and other mammals.  A Snowshoe Hare hops along and is pounced on by a Great Horned Owl.  Without snow to show us the tracks, wing marks, and perhaps a drop of blood, we would not have known the drama took place.  By studying the characteristic imprints made by different organisms we will interpret the various stories that have unfolded.

Meet at the K.C. Irving Centre in Wolfville at 10 am and we will either hike there or at another location based on the weather and snow conditions.  Please dress warmly.  RSVP to and indicate if you have snowshoes or would like to borrow them.


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KC Irving Environmental Science Centre

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