Wood Turtle Monitoring Research with CARP


Saturday, October 4, 2014
9:45 am - 1:30 pm




CARP’s Wood Turtle Research and Outreach project was launched in 2012, and aims to collect ecological knowledge about the local population of wood turtles, identify threats to these individuals, and implement stewardship actions to address these threats.

Wood turtles are a species at risk, found across a relatively restricted range in northeastern North America. Project volunteers and community members across the Annapolis watershed have been instrumental in helping CARP to identify new wood turtles. These individuals can be notched, to allow for mark-recapture data collection, and several individuals are tracked using radio-telemetry. CARP, and our wood turtle volunteer team also work to identify, protect, and monitor nesting sites. 

Members of the public can assist this project by reporting any wood turtle sightings, or by volunteering to assist with visual surveys, nesting surveys, or nest monitoring. Community members can also take an active role in wood turtle stewardship, by implementing simple actions that help to mitigate threats to our local wood turtle population. 

For more information visit: http://www.annapolisriver.ca/projects_woodturtle.php

Join the Berwick and Annapolis Valley Young Naturalists in a CARP wood turtle monitoring event facilitated by Sarah Walton a Species at Risk Biologist. Contact Marina marina_myra@Hotmail.com if you have any young people who would like to join us.

We will meet for 09:45 am at the cement barricade on Witman Road, and begin our visual survey at 10:00 am. We will be searching the field behind Oaklawn Farm Zoo that follows the South River, a tributary of the Annapolis River, for two hours, breaking for lunch at noon. For anyone wishing to continue participating, we will continue our search for another hour from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. The area we are searching is a fairly open field with shrubbery along the South River, and is against the edge of a forest. If we decide to turn our afternoon search efforts to the east side of Witman Road, we will be following the outside of a farmer’s field. Both sides require the same equipment.

Our target site will have wet spots, and we will have to go through an easy-to-pass fence. Please bring/wear the following:

  • Rubber boots / hiking boots you do not mind getting wet and/or dirty
  • Dress in layers: long pants, short and long sleeve shirt, sweater and or wind breaker

Side Note: Please be sure they’re clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, wet or ripped, just in case! Plus, it’s easy to take layers off, but hard to stay warm if they are not available…

  • Ball cap, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Backpack with water bottle, snacks during the survey, lunch, extra pair of pants and/or socks if they get wet
  • Camera and little notebook for taking notes on wood turtles or other interesting information

We have found wood turtles at this location previous years, so we have good chances!


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Whitman Rd., Aylesford

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