Dead of Winter Zombie Walk


Sunday, February 28, 2016
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


(This field trip was originally proposed as a snowshoe hike, but there is not enough snow to do that. But instead…)

Zombie Squirrel by CerberusMaximus

Do you think everything in the woods and waters is dead in the winter? Think again! It’s alive! Join us for a winter walk to see the “zombies” of a Nova Scotian forest – organisms that may seem dead to you, but are really alive. Bring your BRAAAAAAAAINS…

We’ll hike into Jerry Lawrence Provicial Park. The park gate is just off of the St. Margaret’s Bay Road, past the community of Lewis Lake (enter “Lewis Road, Lewis Lake,” into Google Maps). Please park in front of the gate or along the road. We’ll hike about 1km from the road to the lake, along a good, dry road. No need for rubber boots, but you may want good footwear in case you need to run for your life!


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Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park

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