McNabs Island Field Trip Report

By Elaine, Patrick, and Sam

The adventure to McNabs island on Sunday September 29th was absolutely amazing!  Who knew we could have such sunny days in late September? Patrick and Sam were both impressed even before the trip began, as we got to witness a 600 lb Blue Fin Tuna coming in off a fishing boat! On the calm 30 minute boat Journey to the island, we got to see a large seal and 2 curious porpoises!

The best part of our visit to the island, was how quiet and peaceful our walk was along the wooded path, and the sandy beach. We encountered many animals, squirrels, sea birds, fish, crabs, many dragonflies and even a deer snacking on a large apple tree.

We spent lunch next to a large cannon. There were 2 overlooking Halifax Harbour. You could see directly across at Purcell’s Cove. Point Pleasant Park was over to your right and Chebucto Head was off to the left. Could this have been the highest point on the island?  Also, a perfect view of Downtown Halifax was visible from this height! The view was breathtaking!

Our 3 hour walk flew by, and we were not ready to leave! As we walked along the beach, back to the boat, we spotted a set of deer tracks walking along the beach. The boys followed these tracks, until they began to collect shells.

I want to give a big thank you to the Young Naturalist Club, Halifax Chapter for the best experience!  We will definitely make our way to the island again!

See our little photo gallery from the trip to get a feel for the island.