Pictou County YNC event, Sept 2013 – Mushrooms with John Crabtree

YNC Sept 2013 mushroom group

John Crabtree helped us get our new year off to a great start on Sunday September 22.  Ten children and eight adult members participated in this event as John shared his enthusiasm and knowledge of our local mushrooms.  Families gathered specimens and learned to identify tasty edible mushrooms from poisonous ones, and how some species can effect the forest around them.  We were also on the hunt for two species in particular, as part of scientific research for others in the field of mycology. Thanks to John and our members for a wonderful afternoon!

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  Special Note:  On the weekend of September 27th John will be in Berwick taking part in the Nova Scotia Mycological Society’s annual Mushroom Foray. This is a wonderful event and is eagerly looked forward to by many nature lovers with an interest in mushrooms. Please view the below link for more details.  http://www.nsmushrooms.org/

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·         Interested parties can also purchase a mushroom field guide from a local book store or online. Mushrooms of Ontario & Eastern Canada, Author George Barron and ISBN # 1551051990