Post for February 22 2014 – Winter Survival Campfire in the woods

We had a great day for our survival campfire. The sun was shining and although there was lots of snow it was ~ 5 degrees! We learned about what to do if you are lost in the woods…. STAY PUT! Remember – Someone will be coming to find you so you don’t have to go anywhere. When you go out for an adventure be sure to tell your parents where you are going and for how long or what time you will be back… wear a watch. Where appropriate clothing for the weather. Make sure your survival kit is in your pocket (or at least your whistle) before you go out.

Here is the survival kit that the kids received to keep in their coats when they go out in the woods.

Items in the Kit:

  • 1 life saver candy – calming and increases sugar to the brain (the most important part of your body) to allow you to stop and think calmly about the situation.
  • 1 whistle – blow the whistle every 10 minutes to alert rescuers where you are
  • 1 orange garbage bag with arm holes cut out. put on with head sticking out if you need an extra layer. Tear along the seams to make a triangle tent shelter over a branch. If branch is low enough to the ground and excess plastic is on the ground brace the sides with sticks or rocks to secure sides.
  • 1 piece of aluminum foil – to sit on inside your shelter. Foil reflects your body heat back to you. and is waterproof.
  • 1 Flagging tape with elastic – use elastic to fix shelter if needed and tie little pieces of flagging tape around your shelter to show others where you are. Be sure to keep your orange shelter in site at all times.

We then had a campfire and marshmallows!