Shoreline Protection

November 2013 Melmerby Beach a


Pictou County Young Naturalist Club Event – November 23, 2013

Emily LeGrand, Coastal and Water Educator with the Ecology Action Centre

We were pleased to have visitors join us from Antigonish County, bringing our numbers to 10 adults and 13 youth for our event at Melmerby Beach. Emily greeted us and started our day with a discussion of issues that effect our coastlines, both environmental and man made, and some things that can be done to help protect our shores.

The day was brisk and breezy, helping us see some of the effects the wind has on our coastal areas and how sand grass and other plants help protect the area from erosion.

We learned that the rock walls that have been built to protect shoreline properties from erosion have consequences of their own. One alternative is to weave mats from freshly pruned or fallen alder, elm, or other branches, to be placed in vulnerable areas to support and encourage plant growth and new habitat.

We gathered to weave a mat of our own, taking turns adding branches while enjoying casual conversations, discussions and ideas. A great way to make new friends and make a bit of a difference in our environment.


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