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Meeting – 14 February 2015 – Greenwood Museum

There will be a meeting of EAA 1051 chapter


Saturday 14 February at 1400 hours

(delayed from 31 January and 07 February due to storms)

at the

Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

All aviators and those interested in aviation are invited.

(EAA -Scotia Eagle dues due for 2015)


March 2014 Meeting – Shearwater Museum

Date :Saturday March 1 at  1:00 pm  (see note below)

Location:  Shearwater Aviation Museum.

This should be a very interesting event and a chance to view a collection of wonderful aeroplanes. Brad Thomas will
be our host and he will give a talk on the project he is getting underway to build a genuine set of replacement bomb bay doors for the museum’s Avenger  which was donated by Forest Protection Ltd in NB. He has acquired original blueprints and will be building an exact reproduction of the original parts including tooling as necessary. I think that should be very interesting for the members that are interested in warbirds and metal construction.

Also to be seen (but not photographed PLEASE) will be the museum’s Fairy Aviation Firefly which served at Shearwater and was recovered from the desert in Ethiopia, brought home and restored to flying condition. Unfortunately during taxi test they had a mishap and will be doing repairs to recover from that. The AME who oversaw the project will be with us and will be able to answer questions. Again, he asks that we do not take photos as the volunteers want the project to be remembered for the accomplishment of the restoration, not the unfortunate mishap which occurred. Some of the volunteers have 20 years invested in the project so they’re rightfully quite attached to it.

The museum has also recently been given a C-150 which was used to train students at Shearwater and more recently as a training aid for the vocational training school. It will be refurbished and suspended “in flight” in the museum when complete.

Of course the museum is full of military aircraft from over the years including an airworthy Fairy Swordfish, a Harvard and a  Snowbirds Tutor.

NOTE: It is important that we know in advance how many persons will be attending (email: killamorchard at and that we all arrive at the museum at the same time. To this end, Dave Ricker has suggested that we meet at 11:45 for lunch at the Pilots Pub in Woodside and then proceed to the Shearwater Aviation Museum as a group to arrive at 1:00 pm

Meeting – 1st February 2014

There will be a EAA 1051 Chapter meeting to be held at

  • 1:30pm Saturday
  • 01 February 2014
  •  Northville Farm Heritage Centre, Kings County

Avro CF-100The meeting was highlighted by a talk given by George Foote who flew as navigator during the days of the “Cold War” in the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck ( also known as the “Clunk”!) This aeroplane was the first 100% Canadian designed and built all weather interceptor and first flew in January 1950. George will illustrate his talk with a genuine slide presentation. This will be an interesting talk about an important period of world history.  All interested persons are invited. For more information on the CF-100 see the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum website.

Meeting Participants

Meeting Participants – Left to Right: Ian Patrick, Gerard Killam, Robert Bishop, Dave Ricker, Brian Reid, George Foote