Restoration of a Schleicher Ka7 Glider Wings


Repaired wing ready for covering

In 2004 the glider C-GALN failed its annual because an internal inspection showed that there was structural damage and some glue joints had failed. As a result the wings were stripped of their fabric and the structures were repaired by rebuilding parts (trailing edge) and epoxying bad glue joints. The coverings were replaced with the Polyfibre System.

Covered Wings with One Coat of Primer

Covered Wings with One Coat of Primer

C-GALN is a model Ka7 Schleicher Glider built in Germany in the 1950’s and owned by the Bluenose Soaring Club in 2004. The project was done mainly by a few people: Larry Bogan, Charles Yeates, Alan Gillis and Tim Sequlin with the help of some others. We thank Dartair in Debert, Robert Clark and Ian Patrick for the use of buildings for the project. Peter Rouleau was our guide and source of information. The project started in 2005 and was finished in 2008 when the wings were painted.

Finished wings rigged on the glider - 2009

Putting the finishing touches on the wings - 2009

(Nov 2009 – modified Dec 2009)