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View-2-plateau-goatspring.jpg Geocache-goatSpringThumbnailsMarbleNorth-from-goatspringGeocache-goatSpringThumbnailsMarbleNorth-from-goatspringGeocache-goatSpringThumbnailsMarbleNorth-from-goatspringGeocache-goatSpringThumbnailsMarbleNorth-from-goatspringGeocache-goatSpringThumbnailsMarbleNorth-from-goatspring

The Goat Spring trail leads to a plateau high above where the geocache was placed. At the cache I was only half-way up. I did walk on up the trail hoping to make it to the plateau but I ran out of time in the day and turned around. This is a view to the plateau from the trail.

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