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Lunch-BosquedApach.jpg EarlySaxifrage-JacksonFallsTNThumbnailsBosquedelApache-pond-cranesEarlySaxifrage-JacksonFallsTNThumbnailsBosquedelApache-pond-cranesEarlySaxifrage-JacksonFallsTNThumbnailsBosquedelApache-pond-cranesEarlySaxifrage-JacksonFallsTNThumbnailsBosquedelApache-pond-cranes

Lunch-time and as usual we find a nice place and nice weather and eat outside. This is along the tour road through Bosque del Apache Wildlife Reserve. We drive the loop and view all the waterfowl in ponds. I try to take a picture of many of our lunch sites. We are prepared with sandwiches, tea, and cookies.

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