Bluenose Soaring History - from Free Flight Magazine

The following are brief articles from the Soaring Association of Canada's magazine "Free Flight" - The links are to text pages opening in a separate window.

Note: Copies of "Free Flight" are available as pdf files from the Soaring Association of Canada

1976 #4 Eastern Instructors Course Deb Burleson becomes Glider Instructor
1977 #3 Club News Report of first (1976) season
1977 #5 Eastern Instructors Course picture Picture caption with Tom Foote and Chris Purcell
1979 #3 Club News 1978 report - finances good, ground school
1979 #3 Photo of C-FOZA George Warren winch launch in the Ka7
1978 #6 Club News Winch designed and used and Blanik damage
1978 #6 Photo of pilot Chris Purcell at 6000 ft
1980 #1 Club News 976 flights and Doug Girard's Pioneer
1980 #3 Club News 1200 flights, x-country, Doug gets the skylark
1980 #3 Photo of the 2-22 CF-ACE with Gisele Berglund and Dan Morrison
1980 #4 Club News Flying costs and Winch wire evaluation
1982 #5 Bluenose's Winch Operation Analysis of a successful winch launch club (Photo)
1982 #6 The Bluenose Astir An article on the acquisition of a new sailplane (Photo)
1983 #1 Checkout for the new Astir New Procedures for a higher performance glider
1983 #4 Tougher Checkouts New rules after an accident
1983 #5 First Maritime Gold Distance Tom Foote flies C-FXGU 300 km
1984 #1 Baie St. Paul camp report Two Bluenose pilots enjoyed the camp
1984 #2 Cross Country School More training
1984 #3 Club News 636 dual flights, Girards adventure at Baie St.Paul
1984 #5 A N.S. Dream Flight Dick Vine's thinks on a flight to Cape Breton
1986 #5 Club News, June NBSA 2-33 mishap, 10 year anniversary
1987 #1 Club News 1500 launches and a gold height
1988 #2 Maritimes Zone Report Charles Yeates joins, Tom Foote does 400 km, N.B. club in trouble
1988 #2 Club News Attempt reverse autotow, Cape Breton site found, New fee structure
1989 #5 Club News 1374 flights and new retrieve vehicle
1990 #4 Club News A wet spring, two winches operating
1991 #1 Margaree Adventure Ridge soaring in Cape Breton
Free Flight PDF file see page 6
1991 - Weak Link Newsletter Long distance flights and advice - G.Graham

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