BSC-ACES Transition Years

In the period from 2006 through 2010, soring changed in Nova Scotia from centered at Stanley Airport to Debert Airport where the ACES flew.


Val Kyte has a tow hook on his Maul. He will be available for towing out of Debert Airport. The 1-26 was used this spring to test out the system.  C-FRSN had a one hour flight after a tow from the Maul.

ACES has decided that they will not fix up the Ka-7 gliders to use in N.S and have put them up for sale.  Most likely they will be heading for the U.S. where they will be repaired and put into service. Meanwhile pilots in N.S. have no two seater for training or currency checking.




The season is off to a slow start. ACES still does not have a two seater for check outs and training. The two Ka7 gliders are in their trailers at Debert. No solution for getting C-GALN in the air has been offered yet. One day of flying at Waterville airport took place in early June by the single seated glider, C-FVKA. The weather this year has been cloudy and wet for July and soaring has not taken place. The Air Cadet Glider School is in progress and on time. New glider pilots are in training and some have gone solo by the end of July.




The two-seated Schleicher ka7 (C-GALN) wings are repaired, covered and painted. The glider was assembled and inspected late in the summer and passed inspection. Unfortunately, the weight and balance measurement showed that the glider is overweight and should not carry two passangers at once. It could be flown by a single pilot but is not insured. The Bluenose Soaring Club has been deregistered as a society and no longer exists. An approach get permission to fly at Stanley Aerodrome has been turned down and it appears that there will be no glide activity at that site in the near future.




There is adequate equipment available in Nova Scotia to support a healthy soaring sport (See the equipment link on the left). Two training gliders are being rebuilt. ACES is rebuilding C-FACE (the Schweizer 2-22) and pilots are rebuilding C-GALN (a Schleicher Ka7). A mobile winch is available to launch these glider at any of three sight. ACES has auto-tow cabability at Debert on the paved runways. Another Ka7 (C-GRGD) with trailer is for sale but needs inspection.

In 2005, ACES and Bluenose Soaring Club members made their plans to rebuild the training gliders and operate at various airports in the province (see locations). We would like to have the capability to fly and train new pilots at any of the three airports that have been used for soaring in the past, Debert, Stanley, or Kings County.