Soaring Simulator - Condor

Flight simulation on a computer has been an excellent way to enjoy and train for flying without having an aircraft. Soaring and Gliding is one of the activities possible with such software.

DG 808 in Flight SimulatorMicrosoft Flight Simulator X by Microsoft includes one sailplane, a DG 808 and can be used for soaring simulation

Condor is THE software for gliding and soaring. Its webpage where you can buy it and learn about it is

Condor has 14 sailplanes to chose from and has simulated aerotow and winch launch. The thermals and ridge lift are realistic. Competition between pilots is available. 


  The Soaring Society of America (SSA)SSA has a monthly column in their magazine (Soaring) all about Condor and learning to soar using this simulation software.  These have been going for over four years (2014) and the author has created a website where all the articles are available along with other resources.  Go to to see for yourself.


There is also a website for Cross Country Soaring hosted by Frank Paynter called the Cross Country Soaring Center

 The SSA has a good pamphlet available in pamphlet available in PDF to get you started in the hobby called Getting Started with Condor Soaring Simulator. You  can download and print it from


A screen shot of Condor